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Venice Biennale Event Overview

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Venice, Italy, Europe

Overview The Venice Biennale has a history of over a century and throughout this time has been one of the most prestigious art exhibitions in the world. Ever since its foundation in 1895, it has been promoting new artistic trends and organising international events for contemporary arts. Housed at the Gardini di Castello, the first show was an immediate success, attracting over 200,000 visitors.

Participating artists are chosen through various channels, including national pavilions, invitation to thematic exhibition, special showcase, and Collateral Events. Prizes are given to the best pavilion and individual artists. Of those channels, the national pavilions were incorporated as early as 1907. They have subsequently turned out to reflect the power play among nations.

The Italian government took over the organisation of the Biennale from the city government of Venice in 1930. The Biennale has been progressively expanded to other arenas of arts covering music, film (1932), theatre (1932), architecture (1979) and poetry. The Biennale has been a constant event since its inception, except for the interrupted years of the world wars, 1916–1918, and 1944–1946.
Organiser(s) Italian Government
Year Founded1895
Edition(s)1895, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011
Website http://www.labiennale.org/en/index.html

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