Bond the Moment: 2012 Henkel InnoART Project

When 29 Mar - 24 May 2012
Where Alternative Space Loop, Seoul 

Press Release
All molecules attract each other. However, they pull away from each other when drawing too near. This signifies that keeping a moderate distance is crucial for molecules to clearly recognize and ultimately be attracted to each other. As this molecular force intensifies, it forms a solid state where the movement is constrained due to high density. If the molecular force eases, it creates the state of gas that allows molecules to freely wander. What must be taken into consideration is that the force again enables them to wander. Without the molecular force, that world will be filled with disorderliness and confusion and hinder the movement. What is also noteworthy is that a molecule of bigger size or force makes a smaller or weaker molecule appear relatively insignificant. Astonishingly, society, much larger than the world of molecules, is also influenced by this principle.
Wendy Brown, noted political philosopher of the US, once pointed to the limitations and contradictions of tolerance, which is one of the governing discourses of Western civilization, in her book entitled Tolerance. According to Brown, tolerance may appear as though it is the most humanistic and romantic methodology that recognizes discrepancies between individuals and promotes co-prosperity. In fact, those advocating the concept did not deny the strong, massive ego. It was no more than a metaphoric expression of discrepancies found with others. Therefore, tolerance can only be a lie and hypocrisy. Brown then goes on to touch upon neoliberalism, which at first claimed to support democracy but ended up destroying it by creating discrepancies and inequalities, and stresses that tolerance is not much different.
The above two paragraphs tell us that co-existence in its true sense and horizontal sharing and communication become possible only through the display of a force similar to the manner of keeping a moderate distance. Behind this lies a rule that no one should be transformed or taken advantage of one-sidedly while co-existing with one another.
Through the 2012 Henkel InnoART Project, we aim to introduce ideal examples of co-existing and sharing with other beings. An adhesive that bonds one object to another by means of chemical action melts and interferes with the objects until finally the two are merged into one. This type of bond is similar to our usual way of communication and interaction used to build relationships with others. However, the bond we are trying to achieve through the project involves combining the object and the adhesive instantly without altering or distorting any part. The goal of the project is to introduce this instant bond that allows for the acceptance and understanding of other beings. What is important here is not ‘the state of bond’ but ‘the endeavor to achieve a bond’, which will be accomplished through cooperation on many levels. For example, a sort of collision generated by the combination of a corporation and an art community, an education community and an art community, two different genres, or two different age groups and a new type of experimental art created from such combinations are to be put on display. As for the combination of a corporation and an art community, it will break free from the existing mechanism of one-sided donation and move forward to form a more advanced system centered on sharing and communication. Artists, who are also part of the education community, will employ new methods to bring attention to the gap between the two sides. Different professions of artists will not merely be paraded but bonded to each other without being transformed or damaged – in fact, two objects bonded together retain a considerable amount of empty space within. Therefore, this bond will not damage objects and merge them into one – and work to create a visual pleasure. We will ensure to avoid inequalities and discrimination that were the by-products of the pursuit of an unpleasant communication method. As frequently pointed out, many of us incorrectly use the word ‘wrong’ in place of ‘different’. We often subconsciously think that what is different is wrong or negative. The purpose of this project is to recognize the state of being different as is, to demonstrate the importance of keeping a moderate distance from others based on this recognition, and finally express the underlying value through an artistic language.

Photo courtesy of the organiser

Alternative Space Loop
335-11 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu
Seoul, Korea
Tel: 82-2-3141-1377


CHOI Sulki(최슬기)
YOON Dongchun(윤동천)
CHOI Min(최민)
HONG Sungmin(홍성민)


Alternative Space Loop, Seoul
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