N Minutes Video Art Festival: Urban Skin

When 6 Sep - 7 Oct 2011
Where Multiple locations in Shanghai

Opening: 8 Sep 2011, 4 - 6pm

Press Release
N Minutes Video Art Festival will launch in Shanghai on Sep 6th, 2011. With the theme "Urban Skin”, it is the first grand public-space project in Shanghai by Li Ningchun, the curator. N minutes Video Art Festival integrates art with public spaces. From September to October, there will be a series of night events on Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road, many city plazas and creative spaces. It will draw both international and domestic attention and participation. 

The festival consists of video shows in urban spaces, substitute of n minutes video art for commercial ads, and cross-boundary photography and music. It aims to influence the public, and promote interaction of the city with art, pop culture, entertainment, big public. More than 40 famous video artists both from home and abroad will bring nearly 100 works into the city spaces - the urban skin, and thus, video art is available to engage the public.

Video shows in public spaces on weekend nights:
6 - 14 Sep 2011, MINT Club
6 Sep - 7 Oct 2011, CITIC square
6 Sep - 7 Oct 2011, M50 Creative Space
15 - 25 Sep 2011, Shanghai Time Square
17 - 18 Sep 2011, Foundry Gallery
19 - 26 Sep 2011, Goethe Institute Shanghai

More information from news update of N Minutes Video Art Festival.

Other participating artists: Alberto Alix Garcia (Spain), Annie Ratti (Italy), Atsara (France), Ben Houge (USA), Isabelle Bonté (France), Tobias Rosenberger (German), Franck Scurti (France), Stefan Nikolaev (Bulgaria), Tuomas Laltinen (Finland)

Photo courtesy of the organiser

Li Ningchun
March Art Production
1247, South Suzhou Road, Huangpu District
Shanghai 200003, China
Tel: +86 139 1793 4622
Email: ningchun007@gmail.com


NG Sioieng Cindy(吳少英)
CHEN Tong(陳侗)
CHEN Yongwei(陳勇為)
HU Jieming(胡介鳴)
JIANG Zhi(蔣志)
LI Xiaofei(李消非)
LIU Guoqiang(劉國強)
SHI Zhiying(石至瑩)
SUN Xun(孫遜)
WANG Chao(王超)
(Group) MadeIn Company(沒頂公司)
YANG Yongliang(楊泳梁)
ZHAO Cheng(趙晨)
ZHENG Chongbin(鄭重賓)
CHEN Hangfeng(陳航峰)
CHEN Shaoxiong(陳劭雄)
FENG Mengbo(馮夢波)
HUA Jun(華軍)
LIANG Yue(梁玥)
LI Ming(李明)
LU Chunsheng(陸春生)
SONG Tao(宋濤)
WU Ding(吳鼎)
WANG Yinan(王一囡)
YANG Zhenzhong(楊振中)
YE Linghan(葉凌瀚)
ZHANG Peili(張培力)
ZHOU Ming(周明)


LI Ningchun(黎寧春)


March Art Production, Shanghai
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