Bare Androgyny

When 18 - 30 Sep 2003
Where West Art Space, 798 Factory Art Community, Beijing

The rapid development of information technology has caused blurring of the lines between male and female: in business, socially and physiologically. For example, virtual love, transvestism, denaturalization operation. In the Chinese context, this show exposes a new attitude about how male and female understand their own bodies and how to identity each other. So in the Chinese title, consubstantiality is replaced by nude in a play on words.

Androgyny is a platform for observing hearts, desires and bodies in this dramatically changing technological world. Artists have sensitive understanding for the expressive potentials of the body. How do they express their understanding of these related issues? Can their sensitive works become a bridge to communicate with people? These are THE concerns that this exhibition intends to address regarding men and women, bodies and life in the new society. The participating artists are active in the international art world. Some works in the exhibition deal with confusing sexual tendencies, such as gender-neutral features and related social issues. Over the last ten years, Ma Liuming has used his body and facial features in his performances, using his, he shifts and complicates physical differences a gender identity. Wang Qignsong’s conceptual photographic works use the bodies of men and women in quoting allusions from history, literature, religion and art to organize an image world composed of human bodies and sensibilities. "Embrace" is a huge social performance work that the Gao Brothers have recently created. It stresses hugging, in particular, embracing the opposite sex. This ordinary ceremonial behavior in the western world has different significance in Chinese society where touching between men and women has been considered taboo. Nowadays, attitudes toward the body, desire, and sex have become important indices for evaluating psychological well being.

West Art Space
798 Factory Art Community
Dashanzi Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Enquiries: 13051081094 / 13611761234

Opening Hour: 11am - 7pm


HE Chengyao(何成瑤)
HULBERT Tammy Wong(黃雪慧)
HUANG Yin(黃引)
YUAN Yaomin(袁耀敏)
FENG Ling(楓翎)
WANG Qingsong(王慶松)
LIU Ding(劉鼎)
LI Wei(李偉)
CHEN Hui(陳輝)
CHEN Qingqing(陳慶慶)
WANG Chunhong
FANG Lei(方蕾)
WANG Xinyi(王辛夷)
FU Xi(符曦)
WANG Jing(王淨)
MA Liuming(馬六明)
ZHANG Hao(張灝)
MA Yongfeng(馬永峰)
(Group) Gao Brothers(高氏兄第)
ZHANG Dali(張大力)
LU Jun(陸軍)
XION Lijun
HU Ye(胡晔)


ZHANG Zhaohui(張朝暉)


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