Pacific Crossings: Hong Kong Artists in Vancouver

When 4 March–28 May 2017
Where 3/F, Vancouver Art Gallery Vancouver, Canada
Asia Art Archive is collaborating with Vancouver Art Gallery for Pacific Crossings: Hong Kong Artists in Vancouver, an exhibition that explores the complexities of sovereignty, transnationalism, and cultural assimilation in relation to the Hong Kong migration to Vancouver during the 1960s and into the 1990s. Pacific Crossings examines the trajectories and works of four artists—David Lam, Carrie Koo (Gu Mei), Paul Chui, and Josh Hon—who left their artistic communities in Hong Kong to emigrate to Vancouver between the 1960s to the late 1980s. The exhibition also explores how the Hong Kong diaspora engaged in social and cultural community building following their arrival in Vancouver. Many of these artists, though recognised in Hong Kong, remain unknown in greater Vancouver’s visual art community.
To complement Pacific Crossings, AAA has selected interviews, digitised archival materials, public programme documentation, and publications from the collection. These materials include selections from the Ha Bik Chuen Archive, as well as the Hong Kong Art History Research Project, which was undertaken in collaboration with Hong Kong Museum of Art. The Hong Kong Art History Research Project provides a richer contextual picture of the city’s art ecology via inquiries into exhibition histories, pedagogy, art writing in Chinese and English, and modes of exchange between Hong Kong and other geographies.
Pacific Crossings: Hong Kong Artists in Vancouver is organised by the Vancouver Art Gallery and curated by Diana Freundl, Associate Curator, Asian Art, and is a programme of the Vancouver Art Gallery’s Institute of Asian Art.

Collection Highlights

Brian Tilbrook
Brian Tilbrook 訪談

Cheung Yee
Gaylord Chan
Hon Chi Fun
Jacques Bouhet
Jacques Bouhet 訪談
Kong Kai Ming
Kwok Chiu Leung
Liu Kuo-sung
Mui Chong Kee
Robert O’Brien
Sandra Walters
Shaw Tze
Wong Kum
Wucius Wong
Hong Kong Modern Literature
and Art Association
Publications, 1960s
1960 年代香港現代文學美術協會出版物
Astor Theatre's Billboard:
The House of 72 Tenants, 1963
Circle Art Group Exhibition Materials, 1968
1968 年中元畫會展覽紀錄
First Choice Exhibition Documentation, 1977
1977 第一選擇展覽紀錄
1977 Art the Visual Experience — Catalogue
Out of Context — Catalogue, 1987
Out of Context  —  Contact Sheet, 1987
1992 City Vibrance Exhibition Documentation
1992 年城市變奏:香港藝術家西方媒介近作展 展覽紀錄

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