Open Platform 2016

When 22 - 26 Mar 2016
Where AAA Booth P9, Institutions and Bookstores Area on Level 1 Concourse, Art Basel, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Asia Art Archive's annual Open Platform programme, held in partnership with Art Basel in Hong Kong, is an integral part of AAA's endeavour to enable new thinking and critical dialogue around recent art in Asia. Selected proposals from an open call bring cultural practitioners from all disciplines to participate in a series of 'meetings without walls' hosted at the AAA booth. By leveraging AAA's network, Open Platform supports researchers, curators, writers, artists, students, academics, and art organisations to further ongoing projects, catalyse new ones, or simply make connections. 

The expanded 2016 edition includes a discursive live events platform designed by local architects commissioned through an open call—the structure will subsequently be adapted for a second location.

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Programme Schedule


New Body Politics:
Art or Dance?

Susan Sentler,
Faculty of Performing
Arts in Dance, Lasalle College of the Arts,


New Body Politics:
Art or Dance?
Alice Rensy
, Choreographer


Front Room Conversations
Paul Chan, Artist,
New York with
Ingrid Chu, AAA Public Programmes Curator &
Hammad Nasar, AAA Head of Research & Programmes



Front Room Conversations

Ko Sing Tung, Sara Wong & Wong Wai
, Artists, with 

Jane DeBevoise
AAA Chair of the Board of Directors & 
Anthony Yung
AAA Senior Researcher


Critical Spatial 
Reconsidering the
Art-Architecture Interchange

Shirley Surya,
Associate Curator,
Design and Architecture, M+


An Ocean Archive
MAP Office, Artists & Educators, Hong Kong



A Balancing Act: Nonprofits in the Arts 
Yeewan Koon,
Associate Professor,
Department of
Fine Arts, HKU & 

Michelle Wong,
AAA Researcher


2015 Yishu
Award for
Critical Writing
on Contemporary Chinese Art 

What China?
Keith Wallace,


New Pacific Geographies, Collaboration,
and Patronage 

Katherine Ann
Leilani Tuider

Co-Founder, Honolulu
Biennial Foundation



Paper Voices: Artists' Books and Independent Publishing in Greater China
Josef Bares,
Artist, Hong Kong,
Beatrix Pang, Artist/Publisher,
Small Tune Press,
Hong Kong &
Yuling Zhong,
Editor, M+


Archive Between Present and

Mia Yu, Art Historian &
Pan Lu, Assistant Professor, Department
of Chinese Culture, PolyU


Taking a Good Hard Look at What Art Does
Binna Choi &
Michelle Wong,
2016 Gwangju Biennale Curatorial Team



It Begins with
a Story: Artists,
Writers, and
in Asia

Sneha Ragavan & Chuong-Dai Vo,
AAA Researchers


New Body Politics:
Art or Dance?
Alice Rensy, Choreographer


Cardboard Lives
Tintin Wulia,
Artist, Melbourne


Tuesday 22 March
New Body Politics: Art or Dance? | 3–5pm
Performance by Alice Rensy in collaboration with Nathalie Rothkoff | 4:30–5pm

Host: Susan Sentler, Faculty of Performing Arts in Dance, Lasalle, Singapore
Anna Cy Chan, Head Artistic Development in Dance, West Kowloon Cultural District,
Hong Kong
Ingrid Chu, AAA Public Programmes Curator
Alice Rensy, Choreographer, Hong Kong
Bala Starr, Director, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Singapore
Chantal Wong, AAA Strategy & Special Projects and Co-Founder, things that can happen
A look at art and the body as a medium to explore how dance works within gallery and museum spaces. The session questions the architecture and historicity of the spaces themselves, and asks how the form can 'fit in' or challenge the spaces based on the specific needs of the body.

Front Room Conversations: Paul Chan | 5:30–7pm
Hosts: Ingrid Chu, AAA Public Programmes Curator & Hammad Nasar, AAA Head of Research & Programmes

A discussion with the Hong Kong-born New York-based artist, writer, and independent publisher on his recent projects and Badlands Unlimited imprint.
Wednesday 23 March

Front Room Conversations: Ko Sing Tung, Sara Wong & Wong Wai Yin | 12:30–2pm
Hosts: Jane DeBevoise, AAA Chair of the Board of Directors & Anthony Yung, AAA Senior Researcher

A conversation among an intergenerational group of women artists living and working in Hong Kong.

Critical Spatial Practice: Reconsidering the Art-Architecture Interchange | 2:30–4pm
Host: Shirley Surya, Associate Curator, Design and Architecture, M+
Ute Meta Bauer, Director, NTU Centre for Contemporary Art, Singapore 
Nikolaus Hirsch, Architect, Curator & Editor, Frankfurt
Betty Ng, Architect & Founder of COLLECTIVE, Hong Kong
Kacey Wong, Artist, Hong Kong
Sara Wong, Artist & Landscape Designer, Hong Kong

An attempt to articulate what constitutes a truly reciprocal interchange between Art and Architecture beyond the token 'inter-disciplinary' cause through the framework of Critical Spatial Practice. What conceptual-formal manifestations exemplify the exercise of social critique and reflection on existing conditions through architectural design? What are the motivations, methodology, and effects (even trappings or necessity) of such disciplinary engagements?

An Ocean Archive | 4:30–6pm
Hosts: MAP Office (Laurent Gutierrez & Valerie Portefaix), Artists & Educators, Hong Kong
Mariana Hahn, Artist, Berlin
Jaimey Hamilton Faris, Associate Professor of Critical Theory and Contemporary  Art, University of Hawai'i, Honolulu
HG Masters, Writer and Editor, Istanbul
Jesse Mc Lin & Julie Progin, Art Director & Co-Founders, Latitude 22N, Hong Kong
Pelin Tan, Sociologist and Art Historian, Mardin

With a performance by Mariana Hahn, MAP Office extends their residency project Atlas of AAA to rethink the present map of Asia through a compilation of islands, archipelagos, and what is left in between. They navigate the continent to explore the potential specificities related to Asian territory with the ocean, and to determine how the dissemination of land directs a new reading of contemporary art in the region. 

Thursday 24 March
A Balancing Act: Nonprofits in the Arts | 2–3:30pm  
Hosts: Yeewan Koon, Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts, HKU & Michelle Wong, AAA Researcher

Employing a 'speed dating' model, eight invited speakers are asked a series of questions within ten minutes by students from the Hong Kong Art History Research Workshop, an AAA and Hong Kong University course collaboration. The session asks how non-profit organisations shape public discourses on art in the social, political, and educational spheres during a period of increased attention to the art market.

Students of Hong Kong Art Workshop, The University of Hong Kong
Marko Daniel, Convenor, Public Programmes, Tate
Aaron Cezar, Founding Director, Delfina Foundation
Eve Tam, Museum Director, Hong Kong Museum of Art
Marysia Lewandowska, Artist
Anita Chung, Chief Operating Offier, Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation
Cosmin Costinas, Executive Director/Curator, Para Site
Stanley Siu, Co-founder, 100ft Park
Binna Choi, Director, Casco - Office for Art, Design and Theory
Claire Hsu, Co-founder and Executive Director, Asia Art Archive

2015 Yishu Award for Critical Writing on Contemporary Chinese Art Ceremony & What China? | 4–5:30pm
Host: Keith Wallace, Editor-in-Chief, Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, Vancouver
Stephanie Bailey, Senior Editor, Ibraaz; Contributing Editor, LEAP; Editor-at-large, Ocula
Dong Bingfeng, Artistic Director, OCAT Institute, Beijing
Ingrid Chu, AAA Public Programmes Curator
Julie Chun, Art Historian, Royal Asiatic Society China, Shanghai
Diana Freundl, Associate Curator, Asian Art, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver
Lesley Ma, Curator of Ink, M+, Hong Kong
Zheng Shengtian, Managing Editor, Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art

Key issues including ethnicity, nationhood, political will, globalisation, cultural investment, and the art market enter into a discussion on the complexities inherent in attempting to describe, discuss, and challenge a definition of contemporary Chinese art. How has the designation of 'Chinese' in contemporary Chinese art become a generalisation that sidesteps the acknowledgement of differing, and at times contradictory, histories not only within mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, but also its extensive diaspora?
New Pacific Geographies, Collaboration, and Patronage | 6–7:30pm
Host: Katherine Ann Leilani Tuider, Co-Founder, Honolulu Biennial Foundation
Aileen Burns & Johan Lundh, Executive Directors, Institute of Modern Art (IMA), Brisbane
Ioana Gordon-Smith, Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust, Auckland
Jaimey Hamilton Faris, Associate Professor of Critical Theory and Contemporary Art, University of Hawai'i at Manoa
MAP Office, Artists, Hong Kong
Amna Naqvi, Co-Founder, AAN Foundation & AAN Collection

A holistic examination of the state of patronage in the Pacific; the rise of emerging art centres in the region; and shifting geographies of new contemporary art centres internationally, with a particular emphasis on Hong Kong, Sydney, Auckland, and Honolulu.

Friday 25 March

Paper Voices: Artists' Books and Independent Publishing in Greater China |

Hosts: Josef Bares, Artist, Hong Kong; Beatrix Pang, Artist/Publisher, Small Tune Press; Yuling Zhong, Editor, M+
Erik Bernhardsson, Publisher, Modes Vu, China/EU
Craig Cooper, Artist/Editor, Madame Wang, Hong Kong/UK
Feng Junhua, Publisher, Fuben Books, Guangzhou
Kit Hammonds, Index Art Book Fair Mexico; Vernacular InstituteIndependent Curator, Taiwan
Lee Wei-I, Publisher, Voices of Photography, Taiwan
Amy Sherlock, Reviews Editor, frieze
Yan You, Publisher, Jiazazhi Press, Beijing
Joseph Yiu & Max Tsoi, Designer/Publishers, MAJO Design, Hong Kong
Zhu Jianlin & Feng Waiking, Artist/Publishers, Fong Fo, Guangzhou

Artists, curators, and small publishers weigh in on recent developments around the 'artist book' and its popularity among a younger generation of artists in greater China. While opening up an autonomous zone of creative freedom that is off-line, yet networked, the development also brings up an old dilemma between creativity and control. 

Archive Between Present and Future | 4–5:30pm
Hosts: Mia Yu, Art Historian & Pan Lu, Assistant Professor, Department of Chinese Culture, PolyU
Nikita Yingqian Cai, Curator, Guangdong Times Museum, China
Lee Kai Chung, Artist, Hong Kong
Elaine Lin, AAA Collection Manager
Christopher Phillips, Curator, International Center of Photography (ICP), New York
Shen Ruijun, Artist & Curator, Guangzhou
Pelin Tan, Artist & Sociologist, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Teng Chao-Ming, Artist, Taiwan

Artists, curators, scholars, and activists whose current practice creatively engages archives and archive-making gather for discussion to unpack key questions centred on their activation and display, and explore divergent modes of artistic, curatorial, and historiographical strategies.

Taking a Good Hard Look at What Art Does | 6–7:30pm
Hosts: Binna Choi & Michelle Wong, 2016 Gwangju Biennale curatorial team

A discussion taking a 'good hard look' at what art does by conversing with those who make it, teach it, show it, and write about it. If art offers a way to engage with what lies ahead of us in generating 'new pasts', how do we articulate what art does? How does the mediation of art help make sense of surrounding realities as contexts shift, transfer, and transform?

Saturday 26 March

It Begins with a Story: Artists, Writers, and Periodicals in Asia | 11:30–1pm
Hosts: Sneha Ragavan & Chuong-Dai Vo, AAA Researchers
Jane DeBevoise, art historian and AAA Chair of the Board of Directors 
Daniel Ho, Editor-in-Chief, Ran Dian 
Dana Langlois, Founder & Owner, Java Arts and The Boat, Phnom Penh
Lesley Ma, Curator, Ink Art, M+
Xue Tan, Assistant Curator, Tai Kwun

An exploration of the periodical from which discourses on modern and contemporary
art are produced, contested, and reconfigured. Looking at popular, cultural, and literary magazines, as well as self-published zines, artist-run magazines, and journals,
this session examines how artists write about art; how artists and writers draw on myths, religious texts, fictional stories, and folktales; and how the figure of the artist is imagined by novelists and poets.

New Body Politics: Art or Dance? | 2:30–3pm
Performance: Alice Rensy, Choreographer in collaboration with Nathalie Rothkoff

Cardboard Lives | 4:30-6pm
Host: Tintin Wulia, Artist
Riza Arnesto, Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), Hong Kong
Terry Choi, Co-Owner, Hing Li Collection Point & MA Environmental Engineering Student, Hong Kong
Anneke Coppoolse, Street-level Trash Collection Researcher, Hong Kong
Wong Lik Wai, Urban Studies Student, Hong Kong

Various parties from the different nodes of the cardboard waste trade around Central in Hong Kong gather at AAA's booth. A follow-up meeting entitled Cardboard Lives On will take place as part of Wulia's upcoming solo exhibition 'Trade/Trace/Transit' in July 2016.

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Presented by Asia Art Archive
Supported by Wendy Lee & Stephen Li, Lavina & William Lim, and Elaine & Anto Marden
Design Partners: COLLECTIVE, Hong Kong
Construction Partner: 
EDM Construction Ltd., Hong Kong
Advisory Committee: Prof. Colin Fournier, MAP Office, SKY YUTAKA
Media Partners: frieze and Ran Dian

Special Thanks: The AAA Team, Iftikhar Dadi & Elizabeth Dadi, Nathalie Rothkoff, and Uniplan

AAA is a Cultural Partner of Art Basel in Hong Kong for 2016.

Image: Open Platform at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2016.
Image: Open Platform at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2016.
Image: Open Platform at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2016.
Image: Open Platform at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2016.
Image: Iftikhar Dadi & Elizabeth Dadi, neon sign for Open Platform booth at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2016. Photo: Kitmin Lee 2016.
Image: Open Platform at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2016.
Image: Alice Rensy in collaboration with Nathalie Rothkoff, performance for 'New Body Politics: Art or Dance?' at Open Platform session at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2016.
Image: 'Paper Voices: Artists' Books and Independent Publishing in Greater China' Open Platform session at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2016.
Image: '2015 Yishu Award for Critical Writing on Contemporary Chinese Art Ceremony & What China?' Open Platform session at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2016.
Image: Mariana Hahn, performance for 'An Ocean Archive' at Open Platform session at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2016.
Image: Open Platform at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2016.
Image: Open Platform at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2016.
Image: Open Platform at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2016.


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