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Six Windows

Sarah Howe

Hong Kong-born British poet Sarah Howe presents 'Six Windows', a reading and talk based around six new poems which provide alternative entry points into AAA's collection. 
Drawing on materials from China, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and India, Howe considers how artists across different countries and cultures explore similar subject matter, and discusses how meditation on art writing resonates with her work and that of the Archive.

9 December 2016
Six Windows  

Image: Ta Thanh Thuy, An Artwork from A Moment Behind Windows, 2003. Courtesy of Ta Thanh Thuy.
Explore the artwork of Ta Thanh Thuy via the AAA collection here.

Image: Roberto Chabet, Window, 1971. Courtesy of Roberto Chabet, and Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Explore the artwork of Roberto Chabet via AAA collection here.

Image: Vivan Sundaram, Window-Envelope, 1995. Courtesy of Vivan Sundaram.

Explore the artwork via AAA collection here.

Image: Chen Shaoxiong, Windows XP, 2002. Courtesy of Chen Shaoxiong.

Explore the artwork of Chen Shaoxiong via the AAA collection here.

Image: Chiharu Shiota, Windows House: Dreitte Haut (The Third Skin) (Partial), 2005. Courtesy of Chiharu Shiota. 

Explore the artwork of Chiharu Shiota via the AAA collection here.

Image: Wucius Wong, Window Dreams, 2004. Courtesy of Grotto Fine Art.

Explore the artwork of Wucius Wong via the AAA collection here.




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