Sekine, Phase—Mother Earth, 1968 at the 1st Biennale of Kōbe at the 'Suma Detached Palace Garden: Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition'


Learning from History: The Discourse of (L)imitation in 1960s Japan

To complement AAA's presentation of 'Whose History?', a panel discussion during Backroom Conversations at ART HK 12 that will consider parallel global artistic developments under the concept of contemporaneity, AAA reprints here the transcript from Reiko Tomii's presentation entitled 'Learning from History: The Discourse of (L)imitation in 1960s Japan' from Open Platform at ART HK 11 ... more


An interview with Loo Zihan

AAA Advisory Board member Nora A Taylor spoke with Singapore-based artist Loo Zihan about an event based on an account of an older performance by Josef Ng, the implications of such a work on the landscape of performance art in Singapore, and how the work differed when presented in Singapore vs Chicago ... more


Physicality of the Visual Image

The fourth edition of Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Vision was held at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and Yebisu Garden Place from 14 to 25 February. The festival addresses a different theme every year as its curatorial and programming starting point but the theme is always a response to the question ‘what is a visual image?’ ... more