New Arrivals

Contemporary Art in the Middle East
Artist/s: Lida ABDUL, Maliheh AFNAN, Mohammed AL SHAMMAREY...
Year: 2009
Publisher: Black Dog
Unpack Repack: a Tribute to Ismail Hashim (1940-2013)
Artist/s: Ismail HASHIM
Year: 2014
Publisher: Fergana Art
What Is Critical Spatial Practice?
Year: 2012
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Casablanca Chandigarh: A Report on Modernization
Artist/s: Yto BARRADA, Takashi HOMMA
Year: 2014
Publisher: Park Books
Between State and Market: Chinese Contemporary Art in the Post-Mao Era
Year: 2014
Publisher: Brill
Come Cannibalise Us Why Don't You?
Artist/s: Erika TAN
Year: 2014
Publisher: NUS Museum
Radical Museology, or, What's 'Contemporary' in Museums of Contemporary Art
Year: 2013
Publisher: Koenig Books
Hans Ulrich Obrist: Sharp Tongues, Loose Lips, Open Eyes, Ears to the Ground
Year: 2014
Publisher: Sternberg Press
Asian Media Studies: Politics of Subjectivities
Year: 2005
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing
The Live Art Almanac Volume 3
Year: 2013
Publisher: Oberon Books
Hashiguchi George: Seventeen's Map
橋口譲二: 十七歳の地図
Artist/s: Joji HASHIGUCHI
Year: 1988
Publisher: Bungeishunju
Iran Modern
Artist/s: Ahmad AALI, Abbas, Massoud ARABSHAHI...
Year: 2013
Publisher: Asia Society
Safar/Voyage: Contemporary Works by Arab, Iranian, and Turkish Artists
Artist/s: Adel ABIDIN, Tarek AL-GHOUSSEIN, Nazgol ANSARINIA...
Year: 2013
Publisher: D&M Publishers
New Vision: Arab Contemporary Art in the 21st Century
Artist/s: Ebtisam ABDUL-AZIZ, Adel ABIDIN, Reem AL FAISAL...
Year: 2009
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
The Migrant's Time: Rethinking Art History and Diaspora
Year: 2011
Publisher: Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute

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