Title: Ubiquitous Trash—Hong Kong Edition
Description: 'The art-based research series Ubiquitous Trash depicts the social life of the strange abandoned objects we call trash. The series is designed to develop and activate an archive of global trash taxonomy. Trash is everywhere, all the time. We do not cease to produce it, and it does not disappear. In each piece of refuse a gesture is left that allows us to gain insight into human culture. Combinations of numerous carefully considered trash attributes collectively begin to form an extraordinary and valuable social portrait that transcends the nationalities and cultures that create them. Trash tells us who we are, but it also reveals what we decide to leave aside - out of sight -.

From the micro to the macro, the Hong Kong Edition explores the signs and marks imprinted on trash collected from public spaces and from official waste sites. The art collective TRES employs the intimate view that photography provides, as well as collected objects, drawings, and site-specific research methods. The essays of Jerome Monnet, Charles Merewether, and Hector Castillo Berthier extend the exploration of trash into other disciplinary views.' (Excerpt from back cover)
Access Level: On-site
Location Code: MON.TRE
Language/s: English, Chinese - Traditional
: Ubiquitous Trash Hong Kong Edition | 無際之廢 - 香港版 - Ilana BOLTVINIK, Rodrigo VINAS

Residual Remains: From Rubbish to Art | 殘留的遺跡:由垃圾到藝術 - Charles MEREWETHER

Garbage Does Not Disappear | 不會消失的垃圾 - Hector Castillo BERTHIER

The Paradoxical Centrality of Abandonment in the Urban Life | 城市廢棄物的核心矛盾 - Jerome MONNET
: (Group) TRES
Publisher/s: WYNG Foundation, Hong Kong
Year of Publication: 2016
No. of Pages: 251
ISBN / ISSN: 9786077818007
No. of Copies: 1
Media Image: Ubiquitous Trash - cover
Content Type/s: artist book; artist monograph
Keyword/s: solo exhibition, cityscape, mapping, urbanisation, found object, Hong Kong
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