Title: Intersecting Histories: Contemporary Turns in Southeast Asian Art
Description: This publication is produced to accompany the exhibition of the same title, marking the opening of the ADM Gallery, School of Art, Design, and Media at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. 

Featuring 37 artworks by 28 artists from a range of Southeast Asian countries, the exhibition consists of important works that mark beginnings of the contemporary in the region's art, set the terms in which the contemporary is to be developed in the region, and connect this art globally.

There is a strong historical interest prevalent in the exhibition, which is to discern circumstances in which a work is produced and received, and in ways in which one work's history can be read as intersecting with those of others. The exhibition thus proposes a method to see the contemporary in Southeast Asian art historically, and along multiple ways.

Access Level: On-site
Location Code: EX.SIN.IHC
Language/s: English
: Introduction - T.K. SABAPATHY

Intersecting Histories: Thoughts on the Contemporary and History in Southeast Asian Art - T.K. SABAPATHY

Making Space in Art History: 4 Objects of Art - Yvonne LOW

The Primacy of Exhibitionary Discourses: Contemporaneity in Southeast Asian Art, 1992-2002 - Yujin SENG

Sentencing and Capturing: Appropriation and Parody in the Paintings of Heri Dono and Semsar Siahaan - Aminudin T.H. SIREGAR

The Collected Contemporary: Museological Fixtures, Fixatives and Fixations for Southeast Asian Art - Adele TAN
: Redza PIYADASA, Jim SUPANGKAT, CHEO Chaihiang(蔣才雄), Sulaiman Esa, Benedicto Reyes CABRERA, Nirmala SHANMUGHALINGHAM, Julie LLUCH, Brenda V. FAJARDO, Amanda HENG, M. Faizal FADIL, Hweechu ENG, Bayu Utomo RADJIKIN, Vincent LEOW, Simryn GILL, Nindityo Adipurnomo, S. CHANDRASEKARAN, ZAI Kuning, Dawu TANG(唐大霧), Agnes ARELLANO, F.X. Harsono, I Nyoman Masriadi, Niranjan RAJAH, WONG Hoycheong(黃海昌), Nur Hanim Bt Mohamed Khairuddin, HO Tzunyen(何子彥), Heri DONO, Donna ONG, Jose TENCE RUIZ
Publisher/s: School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Year of Publication: 2012
No. of Pages: 206
ISBN / ISSN: 9789810741006
No. of Copies: 2
Media Image: Intersecting Histories: Contemporary Turns in Southeast Asian Art - Book Cover
Content Type/s: catalogue
Keyword/s: painting, installation, video art, performance art, collage, South East Asia, art history, museum studies, contemporaneity, appropriation


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