Title: Mapping Asia
: Claire HSU(徐文玠), Chantal WONG(黃子欣)
Description: How we define 'Asia' at Asia Art Archive is the question we are most frequently asked. Acknowledging both the value and limitations of the map as a tool, this project practices a mapping of Asia that does not exclusively depend on the map as artifact, but as something that lives and continues to unfold. We share with you some of the threads and (to borrow a geological term) hot spots that are currently shaping our notion of Asia. 

Born out of the third issue of AAA's e-journal Field Notes, Mapping Asia takes physical form in this expanded publication. Contents include artist work, essays, an email exchange, exhibition reviews, literary excerpts, poetry, and a range of archival materials including photographs, newspaper clippings, and comics that examine multiple vantage points from which to consider Asia, looking beyond inherited boundaries, histories, and political and economic systems.

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Language/s: English
: Notes from the Editors - Claire HSU(徐文玠), Chantal WONG(黃子欣)

Atlas of Asia Art Archive - (Group) MAP Office

Conversation between Rasheed Araeen and Chen Kuan-hsing - Rasheed ARAEEN, CHEN Kuanhsing(陳光興)

A Diagram of Asiatic Art by Okakura - Brinda KUMAR

A Short Story of Bagyi Aung Soe in Five Images - Yin Ker

Days of Cannibalism - Teboho EDKINS

After the Plague - Phoebe WONG(黃小燕)

The Critical Dictionary for Southeast Asia - HO Tzunyen(何子彥), Robert WESSING

A Parallel Narrative - Francisco CAMACHO

On Unconsolidated Grounds - Adam BOBBETTE
: (Group) MAP Office, Bagyi Aung Soe, ZHOU Tiehai(周鐵海), HO Tzunyen(何子彥)
Publisher/s: Asia Art Archive , Hong Kong
Year of Publication: 2014
No. of Pages: 192
ISBN / ISSN: 9789881342706
No. of Copies: 2
Media Image: Mapping Asia - cover
Content Type/s: anthology
Keyword/s: Mapping, Asia, art history, postcolonialism, Geography, archive