Title: Experimental Arts in Postwar Japan: Moments of Encounter, Engagement, and Imagined Return
: Miryam SAS
Description: 'In this book, Miryam Sas explores the theoretical and cultural implications of experimental arts in a range of media. Casting light on important moments in the arts from the 1960s to the early 1980s, this study focuses first on underground (post-shingeki) theatre and then on related works of experimental film and video, butō dance and photography. Emphasizing the complex and sophisticated theoretical grounding of these artists through their works, practices, and writings, this book also locates Japanese experimental artists in an extensive, sustained dialogue with key issues of contemporary critical theory.’ (Excerpt from front flap)
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Language/s: English
: Introduction: Death Acts (Survival Acts)

Part I: Modes of Engagement: Post-Shingeki's Edge

1. No Holds Barred: Betsuyaku Minoru and the Paradoxes of Total Commitment

2. Terayama Shūji: Gender, Power, and the Imperative Voice

3. Blindness and the Visuality of Desire

4. Intersubjective Spaces, Communal Dreams

Part II: Theories of Encounter

5. Theories of Encounter: Breaking the Everyday

Part III: Imaginations of Return: Film, Butō, Photography

6. X Marks the Spot: Experimental Film Crossings

7. On Homecoming: Hijikata's Writings and Butō

8. The Provoke Era: New Languages of Japanese Photography

Conclusion: Counterfeit Coins/Phantasms
Publisher/s: Harvard University Asia Center , Cambridge, United States
Year of Publication: 2011
No. of Pages: 275
ISBN / ISSN: 9780674053403
No. of Copies: 1
Media Image: Experimental Arts in Postwar Japan: Moments of Encounter, Engagement, and Imagined Return - Cover
Content Type/s: monograph
Keyword/s: Photography, art history, Japan


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