Title: Mask and Face
Title (Other Language): 面對臉
Description: 'This exhibition entitled "Mask and Face" will show more than 30 works by 16 artists, all focusing on the subject of their own or other's faces and examining the complex relations between masks and faces. The works can be seen as the artists' individual strategies for active involvement in contemporary social life as well as artistic visual information on urban development and social transformation.' - Zhang Zhaohui, Curator of the exhibition. This catalogue includes artist biographies.
Access Level: On-site
Location Code: EX.CHN.MAF
Language/s: Chinese - Simplified, English
: Games of Visage: Mask Vs Face - ZHANG Zhaohui(張朝暉)
: SHU Yong(舒勇), DAI Guangyu(戴光郁), CANG Xin(蒼鑫), LI Wei(李暐), HONG Hao(洪浩), SHENG Qi(盛奇), LI Haibing(李海兵), JIN Feng(﹝老﹞金鋒), LIU Wei(劉偉), CHEN Ke(陳可), HULBERT Tammy Wong(黃雪慧), FENG Zhengjie(俸正杰), WANG Jinsong(王勁松), SHEN Ruijun(沈瑞筠), DAI Xiuzhen(戴秀珍), SHU Jie(舒杰)
: ZHANG Zhaohui(張朝暉)
Publisher/s: Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China
Organiser/s: Red Gate Gallery
Venue/s: Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China
Year of Publication: 2002
No. of Pages: 35
No. of Copies: 2
Media Image: Mask and Face - Cover
Content Type/s: catalogue
Keyword/s: Conceptual photography, Photography, Performance art, digital art, Oil painting, Video art, Acrylic, Installation art, China


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