Title: Cui Xianji: A Moist and Infinite Space
: LAM Michelle
Description: Michelle Lam interviews the artist Cui Xianji in Hong Kong.  He speaks about his art education, and his recent change from working in oils to wood installation.   
Some of his quotes:  "My work is not material substance.  Art to me is a composition of the state of mind...What the calligraphy really says doesn't matter.  Written words have no meaning.  It's a person's expression and behavior that are important..."
Access Level: On-site
Location Code: CLP.08.06
Language/s: English
: CUI Xianji(崔憲基)
Publisher/s: Prestige, Hong Kong
Source: Prestige, Hong Kong, June 2008, pp. 262 – 263.
No. of Copies: 1
Content Type/s: clipping
Keyword/s: Painting, Installation, China, South Korea
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