Title: China 2001 'Dialogue. The Other' 2002 Italy: China Contemporary Art Itineration Exhibition
Title (Other Language): 中國 2001 ‘對話. 第三狀態’ 2002 意大利 - 中國現代藝術巡回展
Description: As part of a series of exhibitions on contemporary Chinese art held in Italy, 'China 2001 'Dialogue. The Other' 2002 Italy' aims at providing foreign audience with the latest development in Chinese art, especially through the inclusion of a large number of performance artists. Biographical information of the artists are included.
Access Level: On-site
Location Code: EX.ITA.CTD
Language/s: Chinese - Traditional, English
: Dialogue about 'The Other' -- Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition (Participants include ZHAO Shulin; WU Hong; CANG Xin and CHEN Jin) - ZHAO Shulin(趙樹林)

'The Other' -- Chinese Contemporary Art that Works Out of Obsession with the 'System' - WU Hong(吳鴻)
: CANG Xin(蒼鑫), CHEN Jin(陳進), CUI Xiuwen(崔岫聞), DAI Guangyu(戴光郁), GU Kaijun(顧凱軍), HULBERT Tammy Wong(黃雪慧), HUANG Yan(黃岩), LI Tiejun(李鐵軍), QI Yong(齊勇), SHENG Qi(盛奇), Muchen(慕辰), SHAO Yinong(邵逸農), WU Gaozhong(吳高鍾), WEN Pulin(溫普林), WANG Qingsong(王慶松), XU Honghui(徐宏輝), YU Ji(余極), YANG Wei(楊衛), YIN Xiaofeng(尹曉峰), YANG Zhichao(楊志超), ZHU Ming(朱冥), ZHANG Nian(張念), MA Lin(馬林), LI Xiangyang(李向陽), WANG Yin(王音), XIAO Guofu(蕭國富), YANG Maoyuan(楊茂源), ZHANG Hongbo(張洪波), WU Yuren(吳玉仁)
: ZHAO Shulin(趙樹林)
Publisher/s: Not mentioned
Organiser/s: Alfonso BALDARI
Venue/s: Chiesa Santa Teresa dei Maschi, Bari, Italy
Year of Publication: 2001
No. of Copies: 2
Media Image: China 2001 'Dialogue. The Other' 2002 Italy - Cover
Content Type/s: catalogue
Keyword/s: performance art, conceptualism, installation art, oil painting, conceptual photography, figurative art, ceramic art
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