Title: Wu Shanzhuan Red Humour International (in collaboration with Inga Svala Thorsdottir)
Title (Other Language): 吳山專國際紅色幽默 (與英格—斯瓦拉‧托斯朵蒂爾)
: Susan ACRET, LAU Kinwah Jaspar(劉建華)
Description: The present publication is the first monograph of Chinese artist Wu Shanzhuan, providing a comprehensive review of the artist's involvement in various media over a period of 20 years, from 19852005. It also brings to light a prolific body of raw material including writings and sketches by the artist which have not been published before. Artist's biography and selected bibliography are included. With foreword by Norman Bryson.
: 此書是中國藝術家吳山專的首本專集,它概述了吳山專從1985至2005年的20年期間用各種媒介創作的體驗。此外,書內亦收錄了大批創作素材,以及許多從未發表的文章及畫稿。書內載有藝術家簡歷、參考書目及諾曼‧布萊森撰寫的序言。
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Location Code: MON.WSZ
Language/s: Chinese - Traditional, English
: Introduction: Wu's Question or the Questioning of Wu - QIU Zhijie(邱志傑)

Chapter 1: 75% Red

Wu Shanzhuan's Red Humour Series - GAO Minglu(高名潞)

Chapter 2: Supermarket Red

Chapter 3: Fill in ( )

Two Lifeworlds, One Double Question Man - LAU Kinwah Jaspar(劉建華)

Chapter 4: Mono and Plural

Chapter 5: An Other

Wu Shanzhuan's Red Humour International and Inga Svala Thorsdottir's Thor's Daughter's Pulverization Service - Ursula PANHANS-BUEHLER

Chapter 6: More Pipes

The Politics of Plurality: Interpreting the Ideology of Wu Shanzhuan - GAO Shiming(高士明)

Chapter 7: Middle-man

Social Utopias by Two Islanders: A Conversation with Inga Svala Thorsdottire and Wu Shanzhuan - Martina KOEPPEL-YANG(楊天娜)
: WU Shanzhuan(吳山專), Inga Svala THORSDOTTIR(英格‧斯瓦拉‧托斯朵蒂尔)
Publisher/s: Asia Art Archive | 亞洲藝術文獻庫 , Hong Kong
Year of Publication: 2005
No. of Pages: 288
ISBN / ISSN: 9889766426
No. of Copies: 2
Media Image: Wu Shanzhuan Red Humour International - Cover
Content Type/s: artist monograph
Keyword/s: conceptualism, Performance Art, Installation, Photography, China


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