Title: Against Nature: Japanese Art in the Eighties
: Kathy HALBREICH, Thomas W. SOKOLOWSKI, Shinji KOHMOTO(河本信治), Fumio NANJO(南條史生), Shuhei HOSOKAWA(細川周平), Eikou IKUI(生井英考)
Description: Catalogue of travelling exhibition of Japanese contemporary art in the United States, on view from June 1989 to February 1991, to facilitate a better understanding of art and culture between Japanese and American audience. Includes transcript of a roundtable discussion, essays and biographical information.
Access Level: On-site
Location Code: EX.USA.JAE
Language/s: English, Japanese
: Foreword - Thomas W. SOKOLOWSKI, Kathy HALBREICH

Foreword - Fumio NANJO(南條史生), Shinji KOHMOTO(河本信治)

Against Nature: A Roundtable Discussion - Fumio NANJO(南條史生), Shinji KOHMOTO(河本信治), Thomas W. SOKOLOWSKI

On Tokyo-go: Pidgin Japanese - Shuhei HOSOKAWA(細川周平)

"Natures" of Tokyo - Eikou IKUI(生井英考)
: (Group) Dumb Type(ダムタイプ), Katsura FUNAKOSHI(舟越桂), Kaoru HIRABAYASHI(平林薰), Shoko MAEMOTO(前本彰子), Tatsuo MIYAJIMA(宮島達男), Yasumasa MORIMURA(森村泰昌), Yusei OGINO(荻野優政), Shinro OHTAKE(大竹伸朗), Noboru TSUBAKI(椿昇), Tomiaki YAMAMOTO(山本富章)
Publisher/s: Grey Art Gallery and Study Centre, New York, United States
MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, United States
The Japan Foundation
Organiser/s: Grey Art Gallery and Study Centre, New York University
MIT List Visual Arts Center
The Japan Foundation
Venue/s: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, United States
Akron Art Museum, Akron, United States
MIT List Visual Arts Center, Bank of Boston Art Gallery, Cambridge, United States
The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, United States
Grey Art Gallery, New York University, New York, United States
Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, United States
Year of Publication: 1989
No. of Pages: 90
ISBN / ISSN: 0938347240
No. of Copies: 1
Media Image: Against Nature: Japanese Art in the Eighties - Cover
Content Type/s: catalogue
Keyword/s: touring exhibition, Japan


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