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The Chabet Archive: Covering Fifty Years of the Artist’s Materials

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Initiated in 2008, The Chabet Archive is a collection of digitised material on the renowned Filipino artist, teacher, and curator Roberto Chabet (1937-2013). The Archive includes Chabet's personal photographs of his work, letters, writings and exhibition notes, clippings from books, newspapers, and magazines, and invitations from the 1960s to the present, donated by Chabet himself, other artists, institutions, galleries, collectors, and friends of the artist. The project was launched in July 2009. The full archive will gradually be made accessible through the Collection Online. For the full collection description, please click here.  

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Roberto Chabet, Cargo and Decoy, (Exhibition Invitation), The Pinaglabanan Galleries, 10 November - 17 December 1989.

: Cargo and Decoy (Exhibition Invitation)
: Roberto CHABET
: Roberto CHABET
: Invitation to the opening of Roberto Chabet's solo exhibition, 'Cargo and Decoy,' at The Pinaglabanan Galleries from 10 November - 17 December 1989.

Excerpts from the press release for the exhibition, titled 'Chabet's Cargo at Pinaglabanan,' written by Roberto Chabet:

'"Cargo and Decoy" is the third of a trilogy of exhibitions, which began with Russian Paintings in 1984 and House Paintings in 1986. The exhibition is made up of four large-scale works, each occupying one of the four rooms of the gallery. As in the two previous shows, Chabet uses what has become a signature material – hardware store-bought 4' x 8' plywood. It is a material which has become not only the surface and support of his paintings, but to a large extent its subject matter and content.'

'"Cargo and Decoy" derives the title from one of the works. The reference is to the South Pacific cargo cult, in which stick and stone decoys of the white man's aircraft are made to attract the white man's cargo of material goods.'

Chabet explains that 'all art-making shares the illusory aspects of the cargo cult. This particular work, and whole exhibition itself, has to do with the recognition that the art object, which is often taken as a surrogate - a decoy - for reality, is itself reality.' He adds, 'however, meaning in art tends to shift unpredictably. In the wink of an eye, the real may revert back to a decoy. Often the art object as decoy - as illusion - seems more interesting.'

'"Cargo and Decoy" is the last exhibition of The Pinaglabanan Galleries. After five eventful seasons, it closes its doors with a show by an artist who curated its inaugural show in 1984.'
: English
: 1989
: Philippines
: Cargo and Decoy
: 10 November 1989 - 17 December 1989
Location of Exhibition | Event: The Pinaglabanan Galleries, Manila, Philippines
: The Pinaglabanan Galleries
: event ephemera
: Installation, Painting, Readymade, Conceptual Art, Artist-run space
: Roberto Chabet; The Pinaglabanan Galleries; Agnes Arellano
: Online
: ©Free Access - no-reuse
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