: The Contemporary and Sub-Cultures: A Slice of Indonesian Contemporary Art
: Major developments in contemporary art have been taking place in Indonesia since 1975, with the emergence of Gerakan Seni Rupa Baru (GSRB), also known as New Art Movement. In this talk co-presented by Asia Art Archive and Sin Sin Fine Art on 31 March 2008, Enin Supriyanto speaks about Indonesian contemporary art its diversity, its artists, its movements and its challenges, covering the post-GSRB to present.

About the speaker
Graduating from the Fine Art and Design Department at the Bandung Institute of Technology, Enin Supriyanto is an independent curator engaged in the organisation of art events, including exhibitions and artist exchange programs in Indonesia and abroad. As a recognised specialist in contemporary art from Indonesia, Enin has participated in several international symposiums and written for various publications.

Enin Supriyanto also works as a freelance art director and graphic designer. Currently, he is the Editor of C-Arts Magazine and an Academic Advisor for Asia Art Archive.

The talk coincided with 'Indonesian Invasion', an exhibition presented by Sin Sin Fine Arts showcasing the works of fourteen Indonesian contemporary artists. The show ran from 2 April to 15 May, 2008, and took place at Sin Sin Annex & Sin Sin Atelier, Hong Kong.
: English
: The Contemporary and Sub-Cultures: A Slice of Indonesian Contemporary Art
: 2008
Location of Exhibition | Event: Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong
: Asia Art Archive; Sin Sin Fine Art
: event photograph/recording
: Asia Art Archive, Sin Sin Fine Art, and Enin Supriyanto
: Online
: CDAAA.000017
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