Dhruva Mistry and Nagji Patel sculpting in Kasauli Art Centre Workshop.

: Dhruva Mistry and Nagji Patel sculpting in Kasauli Art Centre Workshop
: Nagji PATEL, Dhruva MISTRY
: The photo documents two artists sculpturing in the Kasauli Art Centre. Dhruva Mistry appears on the left hand side and Nagji Patel is on the right hand side. Founded in 1976, the Kasauli Art Centre is perhaps the first artist-led international artist residency centre in India. It differentiated itself from artist communes and collectives by conducting annual artist workshops and academic seminars. With K.G. Subramanyan as president, Professor B.N. Goswamy as vice-president, and Vivan Sundaram as founder and secretary, the Centre became a hub for artists, art critics, historians, theatre persons, dancers, and filmmakers to gather and consider their practices. The Kasauli Art Centre can be considered one of the underlying forces for the development of cultural studies in India; several scholars who gathered here became lecturers and professors of comparative literature, film-studies, and popular visual culture in universities and the Centre was a springboard for important initiatives such as the Journal of Arts and Ideas, the 'Seven Young Sculptors' exhibition, and Indo-German artist exchange programs. AAA has digitised the photo-documentation of the Kasauli Art Centre from 1976 onwards, and presents the first-ever compilation of a chronology of events at the Centre.
: Kasauli Art Centre Workshop
: 1979
Location of Exhibition | Event: Kasauli Art Centre, Himachal Pradesh, India
: Vivan Sundaram
: Artist residency, Workshop
: Vivan Sundaram
: Online
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