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This is just the beginning. The Collection Online is a continuously growing digital archive of primary source material collected by individual practitioners and researchers in cities across Asia. The initial launch represents a small portion (over 7,000 items) of AAA’s repository of 300,000 digital images, correspondences, artists’ personal documents, and streaming audio and video of performance art, artist talks, lectures, and other art events, with material being added as it becomes available. The Collection Online currently includes material from several Special Collections: the Zhang Xiaogang Archive, the Mao Xuhui Archive, and the Zhang Peili Archive, each part of the Research Project Materials of the Future: Documenting Contemporary Chinese Art from 1980-1990; Salon Natasha Archive and Blue Space Contemporary Arts Center Archive from Vietnam; The Chabet Archive: Covering Fifty Years of the Artist's Materials; and Another Life: The Digitised Personal Archive of Geeta Kapur and Vivan Sundaram, each of which can serve as micro-narratives within regional art histories. 

The material in the Archive is the result of AAA’s varied and extensive research activity. Five projects are currently underway and will be added to the Collection Online upon completion. 
Above all else, the Collection Online is about preservation through sharing and distribution of information rather than about accumulating physical objects. AAA gladly accepts digital copies of material held elsewhere and maps complementary resources to share information and avoid the duplication of efforts. 
Though AAA has a policy of openness, it does not have the permission to make everything in its collection available through the Collection Online platform. Material available for online viewing is provided in the screen-friendly resolution of 72 ppi. All of the material in the collection can be viewed in high resolution on-site and users wishing to do so are invited to visit the Archive.

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Shop 6's Inaugural Exhibition, Manila, 1974
(2 items) in Collection Online

  • Shop no. 6 Kamalig to Have Weekly Exhibits
  • Paper Doll
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Zhang Xiaogang's Works, 1979-1984
(18 items) in Collection Online

  • The Ghost Between Black and White No. 6:  Doctor and Patient
  • The Ghost Between Black and White No. 1: The Old Laundress
  • The Ghost Between Black and White No. 7: One Patient Helps Another Patient
  • (Evening Breeze)
  • (Midnight)
  • (Daughter of the Mountain)
  • (The Ghost Series)
  • (Self-portrait of Zhang Xiaogang)
  • The Ghost Between Black and White No. 3: The Kiss Between Two Ghosts
  • The Ghost Between Black and White No. 5: Getting Prescription
  • The Newly Born Spirit
  • Moving to the Edge
  • The Ghost Between Black and White No. 14: A Group of Patients
  • The Ghost Between Black and White No. 13:A Ghost Who Suffers from Insomnia - White Bed, What's the Fate of Your Beginning and Ending?
  • The Ghost Between Black and White No. 8: Farewell - A Ghost Strolls Along the Styx River
  • The Ghost Between Black and White No. 2: The White Sheet
  • (Fig)
  • (Red Moon)
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Geeta Kapur's Lecture Manuscripts, 1995-2010
(26 items) in Collection Online

  • Hidden Face
  • Gender Mobility: Through the Lens of Five Women Artists
  • Vagabondage: Art and Life in the Sixties
  • A Cultural Conjuncture in India: Art into Documentary
  • Asian Art in Context: A Nation-based, Inter-Asia, or International Paradigm?
  • Secular Artist, Citizen Artist
  • Contemporary Reflections on Modernity in Asia
  • Play of Self and Gender: Through the Lens of Women Artists in India
  • Mortal Remains: Memorial, Broken Branches
  • With Frugal Means: Nasreen Mohamedi
  • Visual Culture in the Indian Metropolis: Critical Intervention through Art
  • Bodies, Boundaries: Living it Out in the World
  • Rummana's Question: Is It What You Think?
  • Navjot Altaf: Holding the Ground
  • Body Language: Icons, Iconoclasm, Other Figural Makeovers
  • Does Contemporary Islamic Art Exist?
  • The Recent Developments of 'Southern' Contemporary Art Avant-garde Art Practice in the Emerging Context
  • Apropos Southern Biennales
  • Siting Biennales: What is at Stake?
  • Curating: In the Public Sphere
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Mao Xuhui's Guishan Series, 1984-1987
(19 items) in Collection Online

  • Guishan Series, Encounter on the Red Earth Path
  • (Guishan Series, March)
  • Guishan Series, Village at Dawn
  • (Guishan Series, Herding in Winter — Sketch)
  • (Guishan Series, Winter Mountain Village — Sketch)
  • Guishan Series, Village in March
  • (Guishan Series, Warm by the Fire — Sketch)
  • Guishan Series, the Red Earth Path — Sketch
  • (Guishan Series, Funeral — Sketch)
  • (Guishan Series, After Herding — Sketch with gouache)
  • Guishan Series, the Red Earth Path
  • (Guishan Series, Haystack)
  • (Guishan Series, After Herding)
  • Guishan Series, in the Distance
  • (Guishan Series, Woman and Horse)
  • (Guishan Series, Shepherd Family — Sketch)
  • (Guishan Series, March)
  • Guishan Series, Four Sheep at Dawn
  • (Guishan Series, Dusk)
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AAA Collection Available Online


  • The Oil Street Collection is now avaliable on Collection Online here.

    The Oil Street special collection consists of documents on
    and of the artist village that existed roughly from 1998 to
    2000 in the former Government Supplies Department
    complex on Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong.

    18 Jun 2014
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